PET juice bottle baling machine

What is PET juice bottle baling machine?

PET juice bottle is used for holding juice. Juice is a very common drinks and very popular in our daily life. After drinking, PET juice bottles become waste. Each year a large amount of waste juice bottles generated. If consumers throw them away will pollute the environment as well as affect the appearance of our city. Fortunately, PET juice bottle is made of PET which can be recycled. Separation, sorting, shredding, washing and drying are the main process for recycling PET juice bottle. Hence, a PET juice bottle baling machine is quite necessary. With its help, bulky PET juice bottle can be pressed into dense bales which is easy for you to handle.

Which model of PET juice bottle baling compactor do you recommend?

SKBALER is a professional supplier for baling press in China, and we have more than 100 models for option. About PET juice bottles, as it’s easy to compress, so almost each baling machine can finish compressing. To choose a suitable model basically depends on your volumes, footprint, budget and labor cost. So, if you have a small amount, our mini baler is suitable for you. This is a baler requires a little space and height, even on the vessel is ok. However, if your plant has a large volume, horizontal closed-end compacting baler is ideal which has full compaction for such hollow PET bottles.

Benefit of PET juice bottle baling machine

PET juice bottle compacting machine is a recycling machinery designed to press plastic bottles into a density bundle. It aims to reduce the costs for storage and transportation as well as increase your work efficiency. To find the most suitable PET juice bottle baling machine, please don’t hesitate to tell us your requirements. SKBALER will discuss with you and recommend the ideal baling press for you.