PET empty bottles baler machine

PET empty bottles baler machine

PET bottles will be scattered all over the worldwide if all of you don’t dispose them properly, just discard the empty PET bottle. White pollution will generate. So luckily that waste PET bottle is made of PET which can be recycled and furthermore to produce new bottles, and other packing materials.

PET baling machine in recycling PET bottles

PET baling machine is widely used to press PET bottle, HDPE bottles, LDPE bottles, plastic films etc., before transporting them into the recycling plants. How to make the transportation in a cost-effective way? This is the reason why you urgently need a PET press machine which can press the empty PET bottles into a high-density bale. Thus, it can greatly reduce the transportation fees.

Which PET baling machine do you recommend?

Our factory SKBALER is a leading manufacturer of producing PET empty bottles baler. If you have small to medium volumes, vertical PET baling machine is your best choice as it operated by hands. Meanwhile, horizontal PET compressing machine is semi-automatic equipped with conveyor. A vertical PET baling machine can reach bale weight up to 500kg. It’s very good for you who are planning to do the business of recycling industry. The semi-automatic horizontal PET bottles baler can reach up to 2-3 tons per hour. Our factory also provides custom-made solution according to your specific requirement. So, contact SKBALER to find your most suitable PET empty bottles baler machine.