PET bottles perforator for horizontal baler

What is PET bottles perforator for horizontal baler?

PET bottles perforator is used for piercing plastic bottles or containers in order to release air out for better compaction rate that means this process enables the production of compressed bales with higher density and compactness. PET bottles will drop continuously onto two spiked rollers which driven by two motors while rotating. Bottles are pushed downwards by two-axis that allows them to be easily absorbed and pierced. PET bottles perforator is suitable for punching all kinds of bottles before baling which is installed as a horizontal baler accessory on the feed hopper, which can be hydraulically moved to the side for horizontal baler for baling other materials like cardboard, paper etc.

Features of PET bottles puncher for horizontal baler

By using a suitable horizontal baler machine with perforator, it will greatly reduce transport costs and prevents tie wire cracking as well. PET bottles perforator in SKBALER can be mounted on the horizontal auto tie baler as well as horizontal closed end baler machine. The fully automatic baler with perforator can produce 2-4T/H for plastic bottles while semi-automatic baler version can process 1-2T/h. Furthermore, hollow plastic wastes like PET bottles can be loaded directly onto the conveyor of a horizontal baler.

Benefit of plastic bottles puncher for horizontal compactor

SKBALER sets ourselves apart from the competition as the baler manufacturer who offers a wide range of bottles baling solutions. PET bottles perforator for horizontal compactor spikes and extrudes the air from the bottles for high-density, heavier and homogeneous bales which makes your recycling work run smoothly. At the beginning parts of pet bottles recycling, we also have machines like debaler, conveyor, labels remover, sorting lines etc. If you want to know more about our PET bottles perforator for horizontal baler, welcome to contact SKBALER in China.