PET bottles label remover machine

What is PET bottles label remover machine?

PET bottles label remover is a baler machine accessory used for removing labels from plastic bottles, HDPE bottles, mineral water bottles, oil bottles, beverage bottles for Cola and juice. There are 900-1000 pieces of fixed blades and 72 pieces of moving blades inside the PET bottles label remover machine which are made from wear-resistant alloy. It is an absolutely necessary recycling equipment because label remover machine can remove more that 95% labels while it’s impossible by labor. If your plant has tons of PET or HDPE bottles labels to remove, a suitable PET bottles label remover machine is the best solution which not only save costs and time but also improve work efficiency.

How does PET bottles label remover machine work?

Firstly, these waste bottles will be delivered onto the delabeller by conveyor. The tough, sharp, durable and alloy toothed knives on the blades start to cut and peel labels from plastic bottles while the built-in fans generate a strong wind to separate bottles from labels. Secondly, the bottles will be pushed out for the further processing while the labels are blown into a collection chute. Finally, large number of labels removed bottles of same color can be processed by our horizontal auto tie baler machine.

Benefit of PET bottles label remover machine

After the plastic bottles with labels are removed and sorted into the same color, recyclers can sell the compacted bale with higher prices. If you want to know more about our PET bottles label remover machine, please feel free to contact SKBALER in China, who mainly produces semi-automatic, fully automatic balers and other accessories.