PET bottle baler

PET bottle baler
What is a PET bottle baler?

Plastic or pet bottles baler machine is a recycling equipment designed to press all types bottles including HDPE, LDPE, PP, PET etc. In the terms of structural design, it can be divided into vertical and horizontal plastic bottles baling press machine.

Which plastic bottles baling machine is suitable for us?

Considering the bottles volumes, automation levels, bale size, bale weight, and budget, customer always can find a suitable plastic bottles baler machine. A vertical baler, normally it is small and manual operated, which can get less than 1000kg per hour. However, a horizontal baler can get up to 5tons per hour for plastic bottles. As we all know that the plastic bottles are much lighter compared to cardboard.

Which accessories of plastic bottles compactor are suggested?

For feeding the bottles, we suggest belt conveyor or pit steel chain conveyor. Customers also can feed manually or by forklift loader. For pet bottles with caps on, we recommend to match a pet bottles perforator to punch bottles so to release the air out. It is very good for the compaction rate. Contact SKBALER China now for your pet bottles recycling.

View below video to get an idea of how pet bottles are baled.