pet baling machine

What is a pet baling machine?

PET baling machine normally refers to vertical pet bottle baler or horizontal plastic bottles baler machine. A vertical pet baling machine is operated by hands for small to medium volumes, while horizontal pet baler is semi-automatic equipped with conveyor. A vertical pet baling press machine can reach bale weight up to 500kg with hourly output of 1-2 bales. It’s very good for startups who are plan into recycling industry. While a half automatic horizontal plastic bottles baler can reach up to 2-3 tons per hour.

Features of manual pet baling machine

Long stroke of our plastic bottles baler ensures a highest density bale with one press. Button controls of our pet bottles baler are easy to operate. Meanwhile, our robust machine structure keeps our plastic balers run a longer life time. Other features also include like automatic bale ejector, fast cycle time, top brand of components etc.

Where to buy a fully automatic pet baling machine?

Automatic baler for pet bottles manufactured by China SKBALER is a reputable brand in the global markets. The bale weight ranges from 150 kg to 450 kg per bundle with hourly output 10-14 bales. The bale length can be adjustable with the max up to 2100mm. Contact us now for a pet bottle compactor baler inquiry now.

Demo video of our horizontal auto tie baler pressing pet bottles