Paint drum crusher in China

What is paint drum crusher?

Paint drum crusher is also popular as drum baling press or paint barrel compactor. It is a recycling equipment which designed to crush different types of drums. Most of the paint drums are made of steel which is the most recyclable material in the world. Recycling the waste paint drum can save a lot of energy which is available to produce new steel products. So, recycle the waste paint barrels is the best solution instead of throw them away. However, waste paint drum is big and take much space, and it’s quite difficult to handle such large volume of barrels. Hence, a paint drum crusher is helpful. With its help, empty drums can be flattened, which means the drums can be crushed down in less height. By reducing the height, you can pile up so many pieces together and save the transportation cost. Furthermore, it is greatly increasing your work efficiency.

Paint drum crusher in China

SKBALER is a professional paint drum crusher supplier in China for decades with competitive price. China drum crusher mainly refers to vertical type crusher. It can fit almost anywhere and it’s ideal for anyone who has waste paint drums to bale. Our steel drum crushing baler has the highest productivity and is easy to operate. Take 58gallon paint drum crushing baler for example, this type of baler can crush 58gallon drum down to 10cm in height automatically with an hourly output of 60 pieces. The hydraulic platen goes down with 40ton hydraulic power.

Manufacturer of paint drum baling machine

Our factory SKBALER provide sales and professional service for hydraulic drum press machine in the worldwide. We have strict principles for all the raw materials coming into our factory. For example, the steel of machine body structure adopts the top brand Bao steel in China. All the baler machines will be tested before delivery. Meanwhile, our factory can produce the drum baling machine according to your requirement. To know more about paint drum baling machine, welcome to contact SKBALER for your steel drums baling and crushing solution.