Oil drums crusher machine

What is oil drums crusher machine?

Oil drums crusher machine is robust and well-built for various size of waste drums which uses strong hydraulic power to crush empty drums down to less than 10cm in height. After crushing, the drums are much easier for you to dispose and it could save up to 90% on disposal costs while generate a higher revenue.

Features of drum crusher

Drum crusher in SKBALER can compact up to 60 pieces of 58gallon / 220liter drums or smaller drums per hour. This machine designed with spikes in press plate for more efficiency crushing. It also has a drip pan for liquid residue to prevent liquid contamination which extend the machine’s service life. Furthermore, this type of equipment features with one button control that means it is quite simple to operate. Basically, drum crusher is small sized recycling machine, which has no limitations for installation and you can move it to any places you needed.

How to operate oil drums crusher machine?

Oil drums crusher machine comes with electric buttons which only one person is required. Close the door and press buttons after you moving the drum into the chamber. Then pressing plate will go downwards to flatten the drum. Please open the door when the whole process has been finished. If there is anything emergency happened, press the E-stop button, the machine will stop immediately which ensures operator’s safety. If you are looking for drum crusher supplier now, please feel free to contact SKBALER in China, sales will discuss with you and recommend the best solution for you.