OCC press machine

What is OCC press machine?

OCC press machine refers to old corrugated cardboard press machine which is used to compress OCC into dense bales for easy transportation and storage. As you know that OCC is a very useful material for packing different types of products. And large quantities of old corrugated cardboards generated every day as it has many uses. The beneficial way to handle OCC is recycling instead of throw them away which can make profit as well as protect the environment. OCC press machine plays an important role in recycling the old corrugated cardboards which can greatly improve your work efficiency and save fees in delivering as well.

How to choose OCC baling machine?

As you know that old corrugated cardboard is a paper-based and valuable material. With the development of awareness of protecting the environment and recycling technology, more and more people are in the business of recycling OCC. However, how to choose a suitable OCC baling machine? A reputable baler supplier is very important as it can provide professional sales and service which makes you have nothing to worry about after you buying a new OCC baler. And SKBALER is your right way to go who has specializes in manufacturing the baler machine for decades in China with excellent quality.

Who need OCC balers?

Many companies in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and South East etc., are in the business of recycling old corrugated cardboard. They are making money while protecting our living condition with the help of OCC balers. Otherwise, these helpful materials will be dumped into any places of our earth which will affect the appearance of our city. Hence, let’s work together and start your recycling business today with our OCC baler machine.