Non-ferrous metal baler machine

What is non-ferrous metal baler machine?

Non-ferrous metal is alloy or metal that do not contain any amounts of iron, such as aluminum, copper, lead, zinc and tin, as well as precious metals like gold and silver. They are widely used in many industries because of their low weight, higher conductivity, non-magnetic and resistance to corrosion properties. Almost all non-ferrous metal scraps can be recycled endlessly to be reused in many different industries and a non-ferrous metal baler machine in SKBALER provides a cost-effective solution to such materials.

Non-ferrous metal baling press machine in SKBALER

Thanks to our dedicated workers and years’ experience, SKBALER can provide the best non-ferrous metal baling press machine in the market. Our high-density recycling baler has a feeder hopper to process a variety of non-ferrous metal scraps to maximize baling, storage as well as transportation profits. This type of baling machine designs with two rams, one will make the press plate go ahead while the side push plate will eject the bale that means it can get a much denser bale in a very short time.

How to recycle non-ferrous metal?

Recycling non-ferrous metals is important because it saves resource while makes profit. It usually involves several steps that is sorting, baling, shearing, and melting. Non-ferrous metal baler machine plays an important role in the process of baling the non-ferrous metals into large blocks or bales for easier to handle and transport. If you want to know more about our non-ferrous metal baler machine, welcome to contact SKBALER in China.