MSW baler machine

What is MSW baler machine?

MSW has a wide range include some recyclable materials like cardboard, bottles and straw etc. which can be used for making new products, and some combustion no-recyclable waste can be processed as fuel. The rest of them will be discarded into the landfill. However, it’s a big problem to handle them as tons of municipal solid waste generated every day in the worldwide. Usually, recycle MSW starts with collecting and sorting, and a suitable MSW baler machine plays an important role in MSW baling industry which can help you to compress the bulky wastes into high density bales for easy handling.

Which model of MSW baling machine do you recommend?

SKBALER is experienced in supplying the MSW baling machine and provides professional sales and service. Our heavy duty horizontal MSW baling machine contains semi-automatic and auto-tie version, and both of them are ideal for pressing municipal solid wastes. The horizontal baling press is among the largest ranges which comes with a conveyor for large volume waste feeding as well as air cooling system which can cool down the temperature to extend your baler’s service life.

Manufacturer of MSW balers

SKBALER is a leading factory in manufacturing the municipal solid waste pressing balers in China. All the components of our balers adopt the top brand. SKBALER aims to work out the perfect compacting solution for different projects of all kinds of materials. So, if you have any requirement about MSW baling, please feel free to contact us, and sales in SKBALER will give you the best baling solution.