Mini aluminum can baler

What is mini aluminum can baler?

Mini aluminum can baler is also known as small aluminum can press machine which is designed to compact the aluminum cans into dense and regular bales. It is a necessary baling machine for easy transportation and cost saving purpose as the empty aluminum cans are hollow and lightweight as well as take too many spaces. Mini aluminum can baler is widely used in the market because aluminum can is valuable, and most recyclable material in can recycling and large numbers of waste aluminum cans generated every day. By using a suitable mini aluminum can baler, recycling plant can earn money as well as protect our environment.

Mini aluminum can baler machine in SKBALER

SKBALER is a Chinese brand of mini aluminum can baler machine manufacturer. Our baler machine knowledge and experience allow us to offer the best solution for your recycling requirement. Take the small vertical aluminum can baler model V4040T30 for example, this is a mini aluminum can compactor which requires little space and low price. It adopts bale size of 400*400mm which can get bale weight around 15-30kg for aluminum cans.

Mini aluminum can baler in aluminum can recycling

Aluminum recycling normally has four steps which is shredding, removing paint, baling and melting. Mini aluminum can baler plays an important role in baling the aluminum cans into dense bales which can greatly reduce the costs in storage and transportation. If you have any questions about mini aluminum can baler, please contact us now. Sales in SKBALER will assist you and recommend the most suitable baling machine for you.