Mill sized baler

What is a mill sized baler?

A mill, typically known as a factory, manufacturing plant or a production plant where the goods are designed and manufactured. Hence, a mill size baler machine is built for medium to large wastes volumes. There are vertical and horizontal mill sized baling machines to suit different capacities. The mill size compactor baler manufactured by SKBALER China aims to generate high density bales, which help these owners to earn more money.

Manual mill size baler machine

It is manual operated so the feeding and tying all done by labors. It can also reach 600kg bale weight with vertical dual ram baler. The hourly capacity is around 2-4 depends one labor efficiency, bale size, and bale weight. Vertical mill size baler machines are suitable for small volumes of various companies.

Automatic mill size baling press machine

Our auto-tie mill size horizontal balers are ideal for compacting cardboard, occ, plastic, fiber, textile, and other common wastes. The bale weight varies from 100kg to 1500kg. The bale can be auto tied with wires, which no need people to strap. It saves labor cost. Furthermore, our bale length is adjustable, which aims to achieve different bale size. For instance, our mill-sized automatic hydraulic baler model HAT1111T100 can reach up to 1100kg bale weight for cardboard easily.

Mill sized cardboard baler working video: