Milk carton baling machine in China

What is milk carton baling machine?

Milk carton baling machine is a type of hydraulic baler used for compressing milk cartons which are mainly made of paperboard and covered with a thin layer of food-safe polyethylene plastic. There are lots of waste milk cartons generated as tons of milk consumed each day in the worldwide. And these materials are hollow and lightweight which occupy too many floor spaces. Luckily, we have milk carton baling machine, it can help you greatly reduce the volume of the milk carton wastes and save valuable storage space as well.

Milk carton balers in China

SKBALER is a Chinese brand of cardboard waste balers manufacturer who has exported the balers to many countries, like America, Europe, Oceania, Middle East, South Africa, New Zealand, Canada, Australia and so on which has achieved good feedbacks from consumers. Milk cartons are hollow materials and our semi-automatic baling machine is ideal for the recycling center who has medium to large volumes to choose as this type of baler comes with full compaction especially ideal for pressing light-weight wastes and can make the bales with higher density level for easy handling.

Are you a manufacturer of milk carton press machine?

Yes, SKBALER has specializes in analyzing milk carton press machine for decades and we have various baling machines in our plant. Maybe it‘s difficult for you to choose a suitable milk carton press machine. Don’t worry about it, you can contact us, SKBALER is a reputable baler supplier in China who provide professional sales and service. If you have any questions about baling machine, our sales will assist you and recommend the most suitable baling solution for you.