Medical waste baler machine

What is medical waste baler machine?

Medical waste refers to the waste materials generated from hospitals, clinics, dentist offices, blood banks as well as animal houses, etc. Only a little of them have potential risks to the human and environment which require special treatment. Most of them are non-hazardous which hasn’t been contacted with the patient. Hence, recycle these medical wastes instead of throw away is the best way to deal with them. As the medical wastes are loose materials, they are difficult for you to handle. So, a medical waste baler machine is greatly helpful. By compressing, the medical waste can be pressed into dense bale which is easy for you to store and transport.

Why do you need medical waste baling press?

Whether for the recyclables or non-recyclables of the medical waste, it is costly to handle and transport if not compacted. A hydraulic medical waste baling compactor can compress the bulky materials into neat and tidy bales. Depending on different volumes, our factory has different types of medical waste baler to recommend. It can be vertical baling machine or horizontal types. The balers range from baling 20kgs small bales to more than 1000kgs large bales. With the help of medical waste baler compressor, it can greatly increase your work efficiency, and save manpower. If none of the existing baling machine fit your requirement or budget, our plant also provides custom-made solutions based on your actual needs.

How to operate the medical waste press baler?

SKBALER has a professional team in analyzing the medical waste press baler, which means we can recommend you the best suitable medical waste baling machine. This series are automatic hydraulic baler. It is quite simple to operate. Only one person is required, so you just need to press start button, the compressing plate will press the loose medical waste. Moreover, all our baler machines are strictly manufactured according to CE/ISO standard. Every baler machine will be tested before delivery. For further information, Welcome to contact SKBALER for your baling solutions.