Lucerne hay baler machine

What is lucerne hay baler machine?

Lucerne hay also known as alfalfa hay in some parts of the world. Lucerne hay enjoys a high reputation for feeding horse, cow, cattle or sheep as it contains rich protein, which is much higher than common grass. Also, it is rich in vitamins and minerals. However, lucerne straw is lightweight and bulky materials, so it’s quite difficult to load and unload. Hence, baling is a greatly important process. Lucerne hay baler machine in SKBALER is helpful, which can help you to solve this problem. By compressing, lucerne hay can be easily handled.

Benefit of lucerne hay compressing baler

SKBALER specializes in producing the lucerne hay compressing baler for decades in China. Quality is our first priority. All our baler machines are strictly manufactured according to CE/ISO standard. By using the baling press, the lucerne straw can be pressed into dense bales and bagged with plastic bags which make it can be in stock for a long time. Meanwhile, as the lucerne straw are recycled properly, which can protect our environment. Moreover, with the help of lucerne hay bale compactor, it greatly improves your work efficiency, and save much costs in storge and transportation.

Lucerne hay press compactor in SKBALER

Lucerne hay is widely grown in many countries in the worldwide, such as the USA, Romania, Puerto Rica, etc. Lucerne straw is quite fluffy. Using SKBALER hydraulic lucerne hay press compactor can produce neat and dense bale. This type of baler combines both baling and bagging in one machine. So, it is easy for you to achieve compacted bale and bagging purpose at the same time. And the bagging design is perfect to protect lucerne hay. Moreover, our factory provides custom-made solution based on your specific requirements. Welcome to contact SKBALER to find your most suitable lucerne hay baling compactor.