Low-cost economy cardboard baler

What is low-cost economy cardboard baler?

Low-cost economy cardboard baler normally refers to vertical type baler machine which requires low price but it’s still extremely durable and reliable. With the help of this type of baler, you can easily compress up to 900 pounds per bale for cardboard. With a combination of user friendliness, reliability and a very low price, it is widely used in the baling industry, especially for the start-ups as well as the users who have small number of wastes to bale each day.

Who need low-cost economy cardboard baler machine?

With year research and experience, SKBALER has a wide range of industrial baler machines to meet your different baling demands. Low-cost economy cardboard baler machine in SKBALER has the function to compress the waste cardboards into density, manageable bale makes it is ideal baling solution for retailer, grocery store, department store, government facility, drug store, school, university, college, hotels etc.

Benefit of recycling cardboard wastes

A suitable cardboard baler machine can greatly reduce the size of loose materials for easy handling and transportation. It requires less spaces for shipping baled materials compared to bulky materials because compacted bales are in much smaller size. Meanwhile, baled products are cleaner which can be easily for further recycling. The most important is that it can save costs in storage and transportation as well as reduce labor costs. If you have any cardboard baling demands, welcome to contact SKBALER in China.