Low-capacity horizontal baler

What is low-capacity horizontal baler?

Low-capacity horizontal baler is an industrial recycling machine for compressing materials into dense bales which is designed for small or medium volumes recycling site and the baler capacity is the main factors to determine which size of baling machine you will choose. Low-capacity horizontal baler normally is semi-automatic and ideal for compressing almost all the materials. Also, it has a big financial budget difference compared to high-capacity horizontal auto tie baler.

Low-capacity horizontal baling machine in SKBALE

SKBALER is a leading low-capacity horizontal baling machine supplier in Chinese baling industry. There are various low-capacity horizontal balers in our product line. Before you selecting a suitable baler supplier, you’d better take the bale size, bale weight, labor cost, hour capacity, footprint, and budget etc. in consideration. SKBALER is a reliable factory in offering the low-capacity horizontal baler machine in China which has proven in excellent quality and professional service. Our horizontal low-capacity baler can greatly help you to decrease the fees in storage and transportation.

How to operate low-capacity horizontal compactor?

SKABLER is always take quality as our first priority and our low-capacity horizontal compactor is quite easy to operate. Press the start button and feed the baling chamber with materials and then you can get the compacted bales. Moreover, many low-capacity horizontal baling machine is versatile baler which is suitable for baling various materials. If you have any low-capacity baling requirements, welcome to contact SKBALER, our sales will assist you and recommend the most suitable baling machine for you.