Landfill waste automatic baler

What is landfill waste automatic baler?

Landfill waste is a major source of pollution which has many negative issues associated with it, such as rubbish buried in landfill breaks down at a very slow rate and it has a big problem for future generations. And landfill waste normally is in a huge volume while it has no value of recycling. So, dispose them in a right way is quite necessary or it will pollute the environment. Landfill waste automatic baler in SKBALER is ideal to compress the huge amount of landfill waste which can significantly decrease the amount of landfill waste, as you know that deliver baled landfill is much cheaper than bulky waste.

Landfill waste automatic baling machine in SKBALER

SKBALER is a professional landfill waste automatic baling machine supplier in China for decades and all the components of our balers adopt the top brands. Landfill contains many different kinds of wastes which means it has different size, shape and material. Recycling plant normally use a big capacity baling machine to handle the landfill waste, and horizontal landfill waste automatic baling machine in SKBALER is the right way to go which can bale the waste into dense bale. Moreover, this type of machine comes with a conveyor or forklift for large volume waste feeding and it combines feeding, compressing, tying and ejecting in one machine which can greatly improve your work efficiency.

Are you a manufacturer of landfill waste automatic compactor?

SKBALER is one of the leading press machine factories in China. Our baler machine knowledge and experience allow us to offer the best solution for your recycling requirement. Landfill is the most common form of waste disposal in the worldwide, and SKBALER landfill waste automatic baler is great for handling the waste which can reach up to 20tons per hour. In addition, all our landfill waste automatic balers are manufactured fully according to CE/ISO standard. Any questions, please feel free to contact SKBALER in China.