Industrial fiber baling press machine

What is industrial fiber baling press machine?

Industrial fiber baling press machine also popular as front and back doors opening baling machine which is used for compressing all kinds of fibers, like bamboo fiber, coir fiber, palm fiber, hemp fiber etc. As you know that all fibers are fluffy materials which takes lots of storage area and difficult for you to handle. A suitable industrial fiber baling press machine can reduce its big size to make waste processing operations easier as well as save transportation and labor costs.

Features of industrial fiber baler machine

With years research and improvement, all the industrial balers in SKBALER are very stable and durable in actual production. Our front and back doors opening design can tie up the bale vertically and horizontally (into a # shape). It keeps the compacted bale in a high-quality level during transportation. Automatic chain bale ejector makes the bale can be ejected from the chamber easier and quickly. Moreover, there is a retainer claw in the inner wall as an option to protect the bulky fiber from springing back that makes it becomes an ideal size reduction baling machine for such high fibrous material.

Who need industrial fiber baler press?

SKBALER has a wide range of industrial baler machines to meet your different baling demands. It’s impossible for you to dispose the fluffy fibers without a baler machine. A reliable industrial fiber baler press is greatly needed for compressing the recyclables into compacted bales for easily stacked and transported which are widely used by fiber recycling centers, textile manufacturing facilities as well as second-hand clothing plants. If you have any fiber baling needs, welcome to contact SKBALER in China.