Hydraulic staple fiber compactor

What is hydraulic staple fiber compactor?

Staple fiber is a natural fiber that can be twisted to form yarn which is widely used for industrial use as well as for clothing and they need to be processed through combing in order to reach a high level. Like other types of fiber, staple fiber is also fluffy materials that means it is too difficult for you to dispose. And a hydraulic staple fiber compactor is the right solution which can compress bulky fibers into much smaller size for ease of handling.

Hydraulic staple fiber baling machine in SKBALER

The strong technical background of our experts allows us to present high performing machines to meet customers’ different demands and all components of hydraulic staple fiber baling machine in SKBALER are with the top brands. While compressing staple fiber, it will generate high rebounding force. So, you should keep in mind that when you purchasing a staple fiber baler machine it must has the function to press such high rebound material. Our hydraulic staple fiber baling machine just meet your demands which can compress large number of materials into smaller size and high-density bales. Moreover, the front and back door design of our hydraulic staple fiber baler is ideal for the fiber materials which need to be wrapped and strapped, protecting them from get damped and stained.

How to operate hydraulic staple fiber baler?

Our hydraulic staple fiber baling machine is a vertical baler and is in one button operation which is quite simple and efficient for you to operate. You can press start button to control the machine. What you only need to do is feeding the materials and waiting for the ejected bales. If you want to know more about of our hydraulic staple fiber baling press machine, please contact SKBALER in China now.