Hydraulic pineapple leaves fiber baler

What is hydraulic pineapple leaves fiber baler?

Pineapple is one of the most popular tropical fruits in the world. Its leaves can be used as a material for the production of textile fibers and it also can be used as fertilizer. Tones of pineapple leaves fibers are being produced each year. Pineapple natural fibers can be used in various applications like artificial fibers, as a sound absorber and thermal insulator, and so on because of its excellent mechanical strength nature. However, like other fibers, pineapple leaf is a fluffy material which is very difficult for you to handle, and a hydraulic pineapple leaves fiber baler can help you to compress the big volume materials into much smaller size for ease of disposing.

Hydraulic pineapple leaves fiber baling machine in SKBALER

SKBALER is a professional baler supplier in China who always take quality as our priority. Hydraulic pineapple leaves fiber baling machine in SKABLER contains a compression chamber, a feed chamber and a hydraulic ram. All the components of them are with the top brands. As you know that a low-quality machine will take you a lot of headaches. The front and back door design is ideal for the fiber materials which need to be wrapped and strapped, protecting them from rain, snow or the other bad climate.

How to operate the hydraulic pineapple leaves fiber baler machine?

Hydraulic pineapple leaves fiber baler machine in SKBALER is in one button operation which is quite simple and efficient for you to operate. You can fill your pineapple leaves fiber into the chamber and a full-light indicator will tell you when the chamber is full. Then the pressing plate will go down to press the materials into tight bales after pressing the start button. If you want to know more about of our baling machine, please contact us now.