Hydraulic Drum Crushing Machine

What is a hydraulic drum crushing machine?

The hydraulic drum crushing machine is a recycling machine that use strong hydraulic pressure to crush different kinds of drums automatically. Our factory SKBALER supplies you the oil drum crusher machine which can press 55-gallon steel drums to approximately 10cm in height. The full cycle time is 48 seconds (crush and retract), with the compressing force up to 40tons. We also provide custom-made solutions on the basis of your specific requirements.

How to use hydraulic drum crusher?

It’s simple to operate, easy to use and highly automatic. Only one person required to put the drum into the chamber, then close the steel door, press the start button to start the motor. The oil drum crusher machine will process fully automatically, which means the ram will press down and upwards by itself. Remove the drum after the compression is completed, then put the next drum.

The advantages of hydraulic drum compactor

It will generate many different kinds of drums every day, not only pollute the environment but also need places to store them. The simplest and profitable way is to press them in a smaller volume to store. Our factory SKBALER can perfectly suits your drum compressing needs with custom-made drum crushing machine.