Hydraulic drum crusher for sale

What is hydraulic drum crusher?

Hydraulic drum crusher also popular as hydraulic drum baler or drum crushing machine which provides an easy way to reduce waste volumes and costs. It is ideal for compressing light metal drums while the large viewing window allows you to see the baling process clearly which makes the work safe and reliable. Meanwhile, the front door of the crusher can be provided as sliding door type or hinge door type depends on customer’s individual requirement.

Hydraulic drum crusher for sale

SKBALER is a professional hydraulic drum crusher manufacturer in China who has various models for sale. Hydraulic drum baler in SKBALER can compress hollow drum into much smaller, denser bale for ease of handling. This type of baler saves energy as well as keep quiet and vibration free during the baling process. Moreover, press ram guide moves during compressing to reduce abrasion that means it can save subsequent costs. Hydraulic drum crusher also has a drip pan for liquid containment to prevent liquid contamination. You should release the oil or other liquid to keep the chamber dry which can extend the machine’s service life.

How to operate hydraulic drum baling machine?

Hydraulic drum baling machine in SKBALER is in one button operation, you just need to move the empty drum into the chamber by labor. Then the pressing plate will go down to compress the materials into density bale after pressing the start button. Lastly, you should move the compacted bale to the destination by yourself. If you want to know more about our hydraulic drum baling machine, please feel free to contact SKBALER in China.