Hydraulic drum compactor

What is hydraulic drum compactor?

Hydraulic drum compactor also named drum crusher or barrel crusher which using strong hydraulic power to crush all kinds of drums. As you know that all the drums are hollow and occupy a lot of space, so a hydraulic drum compactor can compress the big amount drum into a piece which can greatly reduce its volume for ease of handling.

Hydraulic drum crusher in SKBALER

SKBALER is a leading manufacturer and exporter of hydraulic drum bailing press in China who always take quality as our first priority. Hydraulic drum crusher in SKBALER can achieve the whole process automatically which means you only need to move the empty drums to the chamber, and the pressing plate will go downwards to flatten the drum. It’s very simple for you to operate. With the help of our hydraulic drum crusher, the height of the full-size drum can be reduced a lot because of its high compaction ratio which means you can pile up many pieces together. It will save a lot of spaces and costs in delivering.

Benefit of hydraulic barrel crusher?

Barrels are always in large bodies which takes you valuable space areas. When we reduced its size, the extra area can be available for storing other types of useful products. By compressing, the smaller size barrel is much easier and cheaper for you to handle, and these empty drums are impossible to be recycled and used for produce new products without pressing. Moreover, our hydraulic barrel crusher can help to decrease the resources loss and contribute to natural environment. If you want to know more about hydraulic drum crushing baler, welcome to contact SKBALER for your best oil drums crushing solution.