Hydraulic drum baling press machine

What is hydraulic drum baling press machine?

Hydraulic drum baling press machine is also called barrel crusher, drum crusher, barrel press machine. It is a crusher that use strong hydraulic pressure to press the drums. It is widely applied in both residential and industrial waste management. After pressing, the drums are easy to handle, it is greatly decreasing the storage space and transport costs.

The features of drum compacting machine

Electric drum crusher of our factory SKBALER supplied is quite simple to operate. The drum compact machine equipped with display screen; it shows the working statue. Only one person needed, you open the door, place the waste drum into the chamber. Now pressing the start button, the machine will process fully automatic, the press plate goes down to crush the drums, the whole process finished. the drum compactor can crush 55gallon drum down to 10cm in height. The baling machine also comes with hydraulic tank, it is a device to store the hydraulic oil, it can cool down the machine.

A drip tray for liquid containment

There is a drip pan for liquid containment to prevent liquid contamination, you should drain out the oil or other liquid to keep the environment clean, extend the machine’s service life. To know more about hydraulic drum baling press machine, welcome to contact SKBALER for your steel drums crushing solution.