Hydraulic cardboard baler

What is a hydraulic cardboard baler?

A hydraulic cardboard compactor is a recycling machinery designed to compact waste materials. At SKBALER, we have diesel and electric powered cardboard balers, which are all driven by hydraulic systems.

Which hydraulic carton baling machine should I buy?

With a hydraulic cardboard compactor, you can minimize your waste volumes. From vertical to horizontal hydraulic balers, we aim to meet your different scraps volumes. Buyers need to consider their monthly volumes, hourly capacity, bale size, bale weight etc., before to choose a hydraulic baler. Our horizontal auto tie baler aims to press large volumes, while our vertical hydraulic balers are designed for hourly capacity less than 2000kg.

Are you factory of hydraulic cardboard compactor in China?

Yes, SKBALER, as one of the leading manufacturers of hydraulic baling machines in China, produces small and large hydraulic balers to suit all applications. Through out the years, our baler machines are among the highest quality, reliability, productivity, and reputation. Contact us now for your baling solutions.

Working video of hydraulic cardboard baler machine