Hydraulic balers

What are hydraulic balers?

Hydraulic balers are also popular as hydraulic baling machines which are driven by hydraulic system. Hydraulic balers usually include three major parts which are machine body frame, electric system as well as hydraulic system. Hydraulic configuration is one of the most important parts of a baler. Hydraulic balers can be vertical balers or horizontal one. From mini size to large horizontal hydraulic balers, the hydraulic system also changed from simple to complicated to meet different demands.

Hydraulic baling machine in SKBALER

As one of the leading baler machine factories in China, SKBALER specializes in manufacturing the hydraulic baling machine for decades. Our hydraulic baling machine can bale almost all kinds of the materials with different designs. And all the components of our hydraulic balers adopt the top brands.

Which model of hydraulic compactor do you recommend?

Before selecting a suitable hydraulic compactor supplier, you should estimate the baling output and which type of materials will you compact. You will have a lot of headaches if you purchasing a poor baler. There are some reputable brands of baler suppliers in China. For instance, SKBALER is a professional baler manufacturer for decades with a competitive price. If the volume is small, vertical hydraulic press machine is available. However, if you are a recycling plant with huge volumes, the horizontal hydraulic baling press with higher efficiency is ideal for you. In a word, before you purchasing a right hydraulic baler, you should consider many aspects. So, if you have any questions about hydraulic baling machine, please don’t hesitate to contact us. SKBALER will give you professional advice on the hydraulic baling machines.