How to maintain the performance of waste baler

The waste baler can improve our work efficiency. However, after using a year or more, how we can do to keep it like a new baler machine? Let’s talk more details in below.

Firstly, avoid long time operation over 8 hours. This is to keep the oil temperature at a reasonable level. Reduce the damage of the internal pressure of the component system of the hydraulic waste baler, and reduce the loss of power. Improve the whole area of ​​the waste paper baler, and realize the compressive force as small as possible. In the process of use, strictly follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure the normal working state of the waste baling machine such as hydraulic oil temperature, cooling system, etc. To improve the pressure loss of the internal flow channel with high-quality hydraulic components and integrated circuit. To ensure the cleanliness of the hydraulic oil, to prevent dirt from affecting the life and reliability of the hydraulic system. It’s also important to do regular maintenance. This is related to the service life and long-term working efficiency of the waste baler machine, and it cannot be ignored.

Furthermore, clean up the environment where the waste paper packer is located. After the oil in the fuel tank is filled, warm it to about 50-80 degrees Celsius, run the hydraulic pump, and use the air flight principle to remove the stains on the accessories of the baler. After cleaning and filtering for a period of time, check the filter device of the waste baler, and remove the filter before coming, soak it with professional detergent and brush it. After the cleaning work is completed, wipe all the parts of the baler clean and dry in a ventilated and dry environment. Connect the parts to the hydraulic baler for trial operation to ensure that it can be used without error.

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