Horizontal wiper bagging machine

Brief introduction of horizontal bagging machine

Horizontal wiper bagging machine is also popular as rags press packaging machine. It is a horizontal baler which designed for bagging wipers. The bagging compactor is also suitable for pressing rags, clothing, textile, and other loose materials. It featured with compact design which is easy to operate. In addition, the recycler can benefit from transportation fee saving and storage space saving by using a wiper bagging machine.

Who need the horizontal wiper bagging machine?

Our factory SKBALER specializes in manufacturing the balers for many years with a competitive price. This bagging compactor can produce bagged rag bales in small size and the bale weight is always the same for every bale. This function can satisfy the users who do the wiper recycling business’s requirement.

Features of scale weighing bagging baler machine

Scale weighing bagging baler machine adopt PLC controlled system which helps you to automate the operation, the bales are produced at high speed. It is quite simple and efficient to operate as well. Meanwhile, you can get pressing and bagging on this one machine, what need you to do is to put the materials into the chamber. Welcome to contact us if you have a requirement for the wiper baler. For any further information, please feel free to contact SKBALER for your wiper rags baling solution.