Horizontal Rags Baler Machine

Who Uses a Horizontal Rags Baling Machine?

Many of the companies in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, America, and South Africa etc., are in the business of recycling rags, wipers, clothing. They are making money while protecting our living planet. Otherwise, these helpful materials will be dumped into any places of our earth. It will damage our planet. Hence, let’s work together, and start your recycling of textile today with our horizontal bagging baler machine!

What is the Bale Weight of Rags Baler?

In the rags market, the 5kg bale, 10kg bale is the most popular one. Hence, we have the 5kg rags baler, 10kg rag baling machine, and others like 15kg, 20kg, and up to 25kg rags baling press machine. This function attributes there are a scale placed on our horizontal bagging baler, so every bale weight can be fixed.

Does the Rag Baler Machines are Multi-Purpose?

Yes, this horizontal scale weighing bagging baler is not only applied for pressing rags, but also can recycling loose materials like textile, wipers, clothing, sawdust, fiber, shells etc. Rags baler at Skbaler is PLC controlled with easy operation mode, safety interlock, and CE/ISO qualified. Welcome to contact us and get a free quote within 12 hours.

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