Horizontal press for recyclables

What is horizontal press for recyclables?

Horizontal baler for recyclables is also popular as horizontal waste scraps baling machine. It is a recycling machine produced and designed to baling recyclables like cardboard, plastics, paper, textile etc. Compared to vertical balers, this one has higher capacity, and can compact the bale into much higher density.

Horizontal recyclables baling machine in SKBALER

Our factory SKBALER is a professional horizontal baling machine factory in China, which means our factory specializes in produce horizontal press for recyclables for many years. Our plant has two kinds of horizontal pressing machine. Both of them are great for pressing scraps. One of them is semi-automatic baler, which tie up compacted bales by labors. Of course, it’s still simple to operate. The other one is electric horizontal baling machine which is fully automatic and the baler adopts the advanced auto tie system, the bales can be auto tied by the baler itself. Automatic baler has a much higher efficiency than horizontal manual compact machine.

Why we need to recycle the loose waste?

As we know, horizontal pressing machine is a baler for recycler to press loose waste. Why we need to recycle the loose waste? First of all, the recycler can make money in the business of recycling. And if you don’t handle the waste in the right way, it will affect the appearance of our city. After using a press machine, you can compress the loose material much tighter. It will help you to save a lot of space of storing the loose waste which take you too much places. For more information, welcome to contact us for a free quote on horizontal recyclables balers.