Horizontal dewatering baler

What is horizontal dewatering baler?

Horizontal dewatering baler machines aim to separate liquid from containers in order for the component parts to be easily recycled and reused. It is in combination of perforation, baling and draining in one machine which ensures a tidy working environment. Horizontal dewatering baler is widely used by facilities who has medium or large quantity of aluminum cans, PET bottles, HDPE bottles to dispose each day.

Features of horizontal dewatering baler machine

Baling chamber, platen and charge opening adopts heavy duty stainless steel. There are spikes at the opening of the hopper for maximum perforation. The wastes can be 100% flattened by this horizontal dewatering baler machine with a fast cycle time. Furthermore, water proof electricals and hydraulics guarantees a safe operation.

Benefit of horizontal dewatering compactor

A suitable horizontal dewatering compactor makes it easier for recycling of your aluminum, PET or Tetra Pak containers which contains full liquid. It saves your time to handle these unqualified products, and also saves valuable space area for your facilities as well. If you have any interests in our horizontal dewatering compactor, welcome to contact SKBALER in China, who manufactures all types horizontal dewatering baler machines in a semi-automatic or fully automatic level.