Horizontal clothing bagging machine

What is a horizontal clothing bagging machine?

Horizontal clothing bagging machine, also known as horizontal wiper rags baler or horizontal wiping rag baling press machine, is a recycling machine in textile industry. Generally, it can press the textile into plastic bags or carton box up to 25kg/50lbs/50pounds.

How to operate a horizontal rag bagging baler?

Just like other baler machines in SKBALER, our horizontal wiping rags baling press machine has a simple operation. After connecting the electricity and adding hydraulic oil, you can test the machine with wiper rags. The press and eject are done fully automatically by the machine. You only need to put on a plastic bag to hold the bale.

Where I can buy this horizontal wiping rags packing machine?

SKBALER, as one of the leading horizontal baler manufacturers in China, exports all of our vertical and horizontal balers from Shanghai port, Ningbo port. You can easily get our rags baler from the destination port of any country. Besides 7*24 hours after-sale services, we also offer engineers to customer sites for installation and training. Send us an inquiry now to get a free quote within 12 hours.

To get a full view of our horizontal wiper rags baler in operation