Horizontal chaff bagging machine

What is horizontal chaff bagging machine?

Chaff is the husk surrounding seeds which existing in cereal crops like rice, barley, oats, and wheat. Meanwhile, chaff can be used for feeding cattle, sheep, goats, horses and pigs as part of a balanced diet. This is a type of loose material which is always in very small piece and very light that means it is impossible to handle by labor. Fortunately, a suitable horizontal chaff bagging machine is in greatly help which can compress the bulky chaff into high density and rectangular bales for much easier dispose.

Horizontal chaff bagging baling machine in SKBALER

The basic work process of our horizontal chaff bagging baling machine is materials feeding, compacting, ejecting and bagging. Our baler combines them in one machine and only feeding and the bagging procedure should be manual operated, other steps are in fully automatically. Moreover, the bagging design is perfect for holding such material. If you don’t hold them with a bag, the compacted chaff bale may be loose during transportation. By compressing, it can save a lot of valuable space areas and keep your work place much neater as well as save costs in transportation.

Are you a manufacturer of horizontal chaff baler machine?

Yes, SKBALER is a leading baler supplier in China with years of experience. All the components of our horizontal chaff baler machine are with the Chinese top brands which makes you have nothing to worry about when you choosing our machine. Our plant also provides custom-made solution in the basis of your individual requirement. If you have any needs for baling chaff, please feel free to contact us, SKBALER is always here.