Horizontal balers for sale

What are horizontal balers?

Horizontal baler or horizontal press machine is a heavy-duty designed recycling machinery with high volume capacity up to 20 tons per hour. First type is horizontal auto tie baler, which is ideal for compacting all common wastes like cardboard, paper, film, pet bottles, textile, hay etc. The pressed bale is fully automatically tied up without any labor. Second type is the horizontal closed end baler, which is designed with door at the output. This makes the bales with higher density level. It can reach up to 4 tph.

Who need a horizontal baler?

No matter you’re recycling sites or manufacturing plants, a horizontal baler is required when you have large volumes of wastes like 10 tons daily or more. Horizontal recycling balers are more efficient, which has a higher productivity.

Are you manufacturer of horizontal balers in China?

Yes, SKBALER has been manufacturing horizontal balers for over decades. Meanwhile, we also manufacture vertical balers, semi-automatic balers as well as specialty balers like drum crusher, textile baler, clothing baler, aluminum foil block balers etc.

View below video of our semi-automatic horizontal baler pressing pet bottles