Horizontal baler machine in China

What is horizontal baler machine?

Horizontal baler machine is an industrial recycling machine uses hydraulic force to compress the materials into dense bales. It is ideal for businesses that produce large volumes of materials. This type of baler normally collects materials by a hopper on top of the machine. Conveyor, sorting as well as shredding systems may also be integrated to assist the baling process which makes them much more convenient. Horizontal baler usually comes with higher force that means it can produce denser bales for ease of transport and processing.

Horizontal baling machine in China

SKBALER specializes in designing and manufacturing the horizontal baling machine for decades in China. Generally speaking, horizontal baler machine consists of closed end baler as well as auto tie baler. Both of them are cost-effective when your company produces a minimum of 2,000 kg of materials per day. Closed end baler is a semi-automatic baler that means you should tie the compacted bales by labor while auto tie type is a fully automatic baling machine. It doesn’t need any labor for feeding and tying the finished bale which means it will save costs greatly in the long term.

Features of horizontal baling press machine

Both our closed end baler and auto tie baling machine have strong structure which makes them reliable, stable as well as durable. The one button automatic PLC control is simply makes you can operate the machine automatically and continuously. Meanwhile, long warranty time of our baler machine let you are no need to worry about the after-sale service. If you have any interests in our horizontal baler machine, please feel free to contact SKBALER in China.