Horizontal automatic baler

Horizontal automatic baler

Customer Cases: I’m interested in a horizontal automatic baler. This is going to be used with hard plastic (pet bottles). Could you please give me some information or suggest me which machine can be used for this application? Meanwhile, I would like to know capacity, and some other features.

Semi-automatic and fully automatic baler in SKBALER

We’re a professional horizontal automatic baling machine factory in China. The key difference between this type balers are the bales tying. Semi-automatic baler, also known as horizontal closed end baler, which the compacted bales are tied up by labors. In contrast, the fully auto baler adopts the advanced auto tie system which the pressed bales are auto tied by the machine itself. In the terms of productivity, auto tie baler has a much higher efficiency than horizontal manual press machine. Refer to budget, horizontal semi-auto baling machines are cost-effective compared to fully auto baling machines.

Ideal recycling materials of horizontal closed end baler

This ranges semi-automatic baler actually has a wide applications like cardboard, plastics, film, pet bottles, aluminum cans, textile etc. Talking to this customer cases, if they don’t have a very high volume of pet bottles, then this type horizontal closed end baler is very suitable. It has a hydraulic controlled door at the output so to get a higher compaction rate. In result, the compacted bale will be very nice shape. The hourly capacity ranges from 1ton to 4ton. For different materials, it can be from 200kg to 1500kg per bale.

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