Hops baler machine in China

What is hops baler machine?

Hops are the flowers used as a bittering, flavoring, and stability agent in beer. Nowadays, people collect hops and sell them to brewers for earning money. However, hops are fluffy materials and always in big volume which is difficult for you to dispose. If you want to benefit from hops business, you must save costs in storage and transportation, and a suitable hops baler machine is the right way to go which can compress the bulky hops into much smaller size for easily handle.

Hops baler machine in China

SKBALER is a Chinese brand baler machine manufacturer who specialize in analyzing balers for decades. General speaking, it has competitive price in China as the labor cost is much lower than some developed countries. Hops baler machine in SKBALER refers to horizontal bagging baler machine. The bagging design is ideal for you to protect the dry hops from getting damp and stained which means hops can be in high quality level during delivering. Everything becomes much easier by using suitable hops baling machine and it also creates employment opportunities and increase job post.

How to operate hops bagging machine?

Our hops bagging machine combines feeding, compressing, baling and bagging in one machine. It is in one button operation which means it’s very simple for you. What you only need to do is feeding the materials and then waiting for bagging the ejected bales. If you have any interests in our hops bagging machine, welcome to contact us, sales will give you the most suitable hops baling solution according to your individual requirement.