HDPE drum automatic baling machine

What is HDPE drum automatic baling machine?

HDPE drums normally refers to plastic drums and they are industrial-grade containers made with high-density polyethylene. HDPE drums are lightweight and more cost effective compared to steel drums. 15gallon, 30gallon 55gallon and 95gallon are the most popular HDPE drums in the market and they are widely used for storing food, chemical and other industrial uses due to its thick, durable side-walls, UV resistance and leak-proof features. However, the HDPE drums will occupy too many spaces when they become waste. And a HDPE drum automatic baling machine is quite necessary as it can compress the bulky HDPE drums into dense bales for easy handling and save costs in delivering as well.

HDPE drum automatic baler in SKBALER

SKBALER is one of the leading press machine factories in China. Our baler machine knowledge and experience allow us to offer the best solution for your recycling requirement. HDPE drum automatic baler in SKBALER is a size reduction machine which has full compaction for such hollow HDPE drums. Moreover, this type of baling press comes with a pit conveyor for large volume waste feeding which can greatly reduce the waste amount, and an air-cooling system can cool down the temperature to extend your baler’s service life.

HDPE drum automatic press machine for sale

SKBALER has a wide range of bale compactors in our product line. You can always find your baling solutions in SKBALER. And HDPE drum automatic press machine in SKBALER is a recycling machinery designed to press plastic drums into a density bundle. If you want to purchase a suitable HDPE press machine, please contact SKBALER now, our sales will do the right recommendation to you.