Fully automatic horizontal baling machine

What is fully automatic horizontal baling machine?

Fully automatic horizontal baling machine is a big sized recycling machine which is built with extra heavy-duty construction. It is widely used by recycling plants who has large quantity of waste materials to bale. This type of baler machine designed with continuous operation and it also has a feed conveyor or cart dumper system as an option for large volumes feeding. A suitable fully automatic horizontal baling machine can compress materials into much smaller bale size, making its volume reduced a lot so to reduce the transport volume. It saves freight cost while increase work efficiency for the recycling plant.

Fully automatic horizontal baler machine in SKBALER

Fully automatic horizontal baler machine in SKBALER refers to auto tie baling machine which can fully automate your recycling program. It offers significant labor savings compared to other types of balers. Fully automatic horizontal baler also has the function of continuous baling and ejecting features which greatly improve work efficiency. This type of high-pressure power baler machine can make much more profit from recycling as well as has a quick return on investment. In a word, if you are a large recycling plant, our fully automatic horizontal baler machine is the right way to go because it provides a cost effective and practical solution for you.

Which model of fully automatic baler do you recommend?

SKBALER has a wide range of fully automatic balers in available. Taking the model HAT1111T150 for example, it adopts standard bale size of 1100*1100mm with 150ton hydraulic power makes it’s ideal for pressing large volume of wastes like pet bottles, paper, soft plastic, textile, fiber, urban wastes etc. If you have any interests in our fully automatic baler, welcome to contact SKBALER in China now.