Foam baler machine

What is foam baler machine?

Foam plays an important role in every industry as its flexible feature. You may find sponge foam in car seat, packing material, cushion etc. It’s also perfect for sound suppression. The flexibility makes it fit almost everywhere. This flexibility also leads to a big problem if not disposed well. In other words, sponge is bulky material, it takes too much space and quite difficult to load and unload. Hence, some recycling equipment like a foam baler machine is helpful. The foam baling press SKBALER supplied is an innovative and highly efficient recycling machine, which can help you press the loose sponge foam into dense bales, easy for you to handle.

Foam baling compactor in SKBALER

SKBALER is a professional plant in manufacturing the foam baler in China. Whether you have a large volume or a small amount, we all can meet your demands. For large volume, horizontal auto tie baler, also named as fully automatic baling machine is ideal for you, which designed to press large volume materials. This type of baling press equipped with PLC control system and conveyor for large volume material feeding. However, if you have a small or medium volume, a vertical sponge foam press compactor is suitable for you. Compared to the horizontal baler, this type of baling press is much more cost effective in purchasing price, also requires little places and limited height.

Advantage of a foam sponge compacting baler

Foam sponge is very popular in the market, so a lot of people are in the business of foam sponge. By using a suitable foam baling press, it can greatly increase your work efficiency, and save manpower as well as transportation costs. Meanwhile, our factory can produce the foam sponge baling press according to your requirements. To know more about foam baling machine, welcome to contact SKBALER for your recycling solution.