Dual ram baler or single ram baler?

What is dual ram baler machine?

The dual ram baler is also called as the two-ram baler, dual cylinder baler, two-cylinder baler or double ram baler. The dual ram baler machines commonly refer to the baler that has two cylinders, and there are dual ram horizontal baler machine and also the vertical dual ram baler machine. These dual ram baling machines can be used to recycle the cardboards, paper, plastics, fabrics and etc. and the dual ram will make larger and more dense bales than the single ram baler machine for the same application. Hence, the dual ram balers will be more suitable for the high rebound materials.

What is single ram baler machine?

The single ram baler also known as the single cylinder baler or one ram baler. The single ram baler normally refers to the baler machines that only have one cylinder. The single ram balers also can be divided into vertical single ram balers and horizontal single ram balers. The single ram balers almost have the same application as the dual ram baler machines. But the most significant difference is the single ram balers may not good for the high rebound materials and the single ram balers will be used better in the medium volume and small volume business.

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