Downstroke balers

What are downstroke balers?

Downstroke balers are also popular as vertical balers which using hydraulic pressure to compact the materials. They are the equipment for baling hollow and lightweight products, such as empty PET bottles, aluminum cans. As you know that these types of materials occupy too many spaces. A downstroke baler is greatly helpful which means the bulky materials can be pressed into dense and regular shaped bales so to solve your storage space problem.

Downstroke baling press in SKBALER

Baling press actually could be a small or big investment. So, before purchasing a suitable baler, you’d better find a reputable baler supplier who can provide sales and professional service. SKBALER is a leading bailer plant in Chinese baling industries. Our downstroke baling press is designed for startups which requires small footprint and low price. Normally, these companies have limited wastes to bale. The materials will be feed manually, and compacted bales need to be strapped by labor as well. With the help of a downstroke baling press, you can have a bale weight from 30kg to 500kg per bundle. The hourly capacity is up to 2 tons.

Features of downstroke compactor

Downstroke compactor can be used to bale numerous materials. Basically, they are manual baling machines and so the recyclables are loaded by hand. If you have questions about downstroke balers, SKBALER is here to help. Our sales will assist you and recommend the most suitable baling machine for you. Our goal is not only manufacture equipment, but also help people and business around the world to reduce waste and recycle.