Diesel engine vertical baler

What is diesel engine vertical baler?

There are various baler machines in the market for different baling demands. They can be classified in two basic types that is electric power and diesel engine power. Today, let’s talk about diesel engine vertical baler. It is a size reduction machinery used in the places where electricity is not available or higher cost compared to diesel oil. Diesel engine vertical baler also designed with hydraulic ram which is capable for producing density bales for bulky materials.

Diesel engine vertical baler machine in SKBALER

With years research and improvement, all the industrial balers in SKBALER are very stable and durable in actual production that makes the recycling work runs smoothly. Diesel engine vertical baler machine in SKBALER designed with vertical structure which means it is movable, you can move it to any places you needed that makes it is widely used for outside work to be possible. Furthermore, the recycling work becomes easier and convenient in the diesel-powered area, that’s why diesel engine vertical baler machine is very popular in Middle East, Africa, and other areas where don’t have access to electricity.

How to operate diesel engine vertical compactor?

Diesel engine vertical compactor is in one button operation that means it only requires one person for the whole processing. It compresses waste materials with a vertical downward force. Once the chamber is filled, the gate will be closed and the hydraulic ram moves towards to the floor to compress the wastes. This process is repeated again and again until the chamber is full. Lastly, tying up the compacted bale with baling wire and ejecting it from the machine chamber. If you have any interests in our diesel engine vertical compactor, welcome to contact SKBALER in China now.