Debaler machine

What is debaler for pet bottles bale?

Debaler is a bale breaker for plastic bottles at the beginning of PET washing line which can easily break tightly compacted bales. Generally speaking, PET bottles will arrive at washing plants in big baled form which tied by metal wires, so they’re not easy for you to handle. Hence, these bales must be disassembled then the bottles can flow freely onto the belt conveyor for the next step. Nowadays, the labor cost is high everywhere if you are still manually break the compacted bale and place them on the conveyor one by one. Here, I highly recommend debaler for pet bottles bales which not only improve work efficiency but also save costs in disposing.

How does debaler machine work?

Axis and all internal parts of our debaler for pet bottles are made of wear-resistant steel which aims to break the hollow and rigid materials apart so as to flow freely on the conveyor. The big baled PET bottles can be fed into the chamber box by forklift or other similar equipment. As you know that after the wires are cut, materials are still hold together. Instead of separating them by labor, debaler machine for pet bottles use rotating rollers to grapple and loosen them that means when the materials are fed into the debaler, the counter-rotary movement of the axis causes the opening of the bales.

Debaler for plastic bottles in SKBALER

Debaler in SKBALER classified into two types that is vertical and horizontal model. Both of them are efficient for breaking large quantity of compacted PET bottles. Vertical model has a long feeding belt conveyor for more conveniently feeding compared to horizontal model. Moreover, horizontal type has four rotating rollers which equipped with replaceable teeth while vertical has two. If you want to know more about our debaler for pet bottles, please feel free to contact SKBALER in China, who manufactures all types baler machine and their accessories.