Customized Diesel Power Tyre Baler

Why Choose Diesel Power?

For those countries with expensive electric charge, a tyre baler with diesel power is the affordable tyres recycling solutions. This kind of balers are made with the same highest quality, long lasting machines as the regular one. They will help you save your electricity.

Tips for selecting a tyre baler

Firstly, it is harder to compact tyres especially for truck tyres because of the material. The rubber tyres have superior elasticity. So bigger force is required during compacting. Therefore, when you select a tyre baler, do not hesitate to choose the higher force performance baler.

It is a good idea to provide the tyre’s type(car or truck tyre), the dimension of height & diameter, est. weight per piece. It is useful for sellers to help you pick the right tyre baler for you.

SKBALER’s vertical tyre balers help to solve the tyres recycling problems with safety operating. Different power tyre balers is designed for meeting your needs. The 120ton, 150ton tyre baler is our regular models. Diesel power is optional for customizing.

Our 150ton vertical baler can press the tyre into 1000-1500kg bale. 120ton is around 800-1300kg.

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