Custom-made baling press machine for sale

What is custom-made baling press machine?

Custom-made baling press machine refers to all the components of the baler that is made according to your individual specifications. If you want to purchase a baler machine from a baler plant but you are unsatisfied with all the goods in stock or existing specifications, a custom-made baling press machine is the right way to go.

Custom-made baling press machine for sale

As a reputable baling press machine supplier in China, our baler has been very stable and reliable in actual production because of many years of research and improvement. Our plant also provides custom-made baling solutions in the basis of your individual requirement. From mini vertical baler to horizontal auto tie baler, and which model do you want to custom-made mainly depends on materials, bale size, output, bale weight, labor cost, footprint and the financial budget.

Which model of custom-made baler machine do you recommend?

Vertical baler is ideal for start-ups or who has small volumes to bale each day while the horizontal version is suitable for the big size recycling center’s use. Vertical type can be classified into many different models as well, such as mini baler, single ram or dual ram baler, lifting chamber baler, diesel baler, etc. and horizontal version also include bagging machine, semi-automatic baler, auto-tie baler and so on. If you don’t know how to choose a suitable custom-made baler machine, please feel free to contact us, sales in SKBALER will assist you any way we can.