Compost baling machine

What is compost baling machine?

Compost is also named organic fertilizer, which is naturally produced. As it contains mineral source, it is the material that can be added to soil and plants to provide nutrient and sustain growth. However, the compost is loose material and quite difficult to handle. Here, SKBALER is the specialized compost baler manufacturer which can help you to compress and pack loose compost or organic fertilizer into baled bags. By pressing and packaging, it greatly reduces the storage space and transportation fees, protects the bale from getting loose as well.

Which model do you recommend to compress organic fertilizer?

SKBALER is a leading factory in baling industry in China. From small to large volumes, we all can meet your demands. For example, the horizontal packing machine model HBM-K5, which adopts bale size 300*100*400 (W*H*L) mm and can get bale weight of 5kg. It is driven by powerful hydraulic system with a 5.5kw motor. However, if you have a large volume, the semi-automatic version, which comes with a belt conveyor is your best choice. The bale weight is various and up to 60kg per bale.

Benefit of organic fertilizer bale compactor

If you are in the business of recycling organic fertilizer, an organic fertilizer baling machine is quite important and necessary. This baler can help you easily to handle these composts. The pressed organic fertilizer not only can make profit for you, but also make our city more beautiful. So, please contact SKBALER now to find your most suitable baling press for composts.