Compactors for tissue paper recycling

Things you may don’t know about the tissue paper

Tissue paper or simply tissue is a lightweight paper or, light paper. there are several types of tissue paper used in our daily life, one is the toilet paper, one is paper tower, one is kitchen paper and napkins normally appeared in our bags. We use the tissue paper to wipe the dirt and do other cleaning jobs, and obviously we can’t not live a normal life without the usage of tissue paper and other paper products. That’s why every day and each one of us are consuming thousands of tissue paper. According to a professional survey, the best way to dealing with the scrap tissue paper is to recycle them and almost all the tissue can be made from recycled paper pulp on a paper machine.

Why tissue paper recycling compactor?

As the aforementioned information, the paper recycling plays a vital role in the scrap tissue paper treatment. The tissue paper is biodegraded because the paper is derived from the wood, and all the scrap tissue paper can be recycled and made into new products for reselling. But the process of the tissue paper recycling is time-taking and labor-taking. So, the paper recycling compactor appeared. The tissue paper recycling compactor can bale these scrap paper into dense bales which will simplify the process of transportation and saving a lot of space in storage.
The paper recycling compactor can both saving time and lower the labor cost, you need less people to do the baling work than before and all you need to do is just to learn how to control the machines.

Does SKBALER offer tissue paper recycling compactor?

The answer is obviously yes, we offer a wide range of tissue paper recycling compactors for you. And for such a huge number of options, many people will have problems on choosing. For those customers who have troubles is deciding, we have the online services. You can directly call or email us to talk about you worries or questions, our sale team will try their best to give you the best solutions. Just contact us right now if you’re interested.